Since the foundation of “Help Actually”, the officers and volunteers have helped a lot of injured people and their families by actions, including visiting the Injured to know more about the situations. “Help Actually” also put forward some social problems and potential dangerous based on the cases so as to reduce the accidentally happened. Besides, “Help Actually” carries out clinic activity for the Injured on “Free Medical Day”, trying to care and serve the community in need.

Referral of Mr. Kwok's Case from the Labour Department

23/04/2015 (閱讀全文)

Help Actually visit Ms. Leung and sending along supplies and food

08/12/2014 (閱讀全文)

Visit Mr Mak,-he stepped on a nail

08/12/2014 (閱讀全文)

Help Acctually Care Ambassador, Sherman Chung visit injured and give him a ultra-lightweight Wheel Chair
Mr. Wong is 44. Ten years ago Mr. Wong was a motorcycle enthusiast who loved riding…

11/11/2013 (閱讀全文)

Accident Causes Victim to Suffer Serious Brain Injury

 29-year old Mr. So encoun…

29/05/2012 (閱讀全文)
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